Monday, September 21, 2009

... and away we GO!!

Leather Pride Week officially kicked off yesterday, and most of my leather pals and I... were right there for it. Went to hang out with my buddy Lance for brunch yesterday, and met up with some others from the leather family at the Cove. Then a couple of shots of alcohol, a flag raising, and the Leather March began! Perfect weather in San Francisco right now... you couldn't ask for better. Sunny, and not humid, with a slight breeze.... aaaaahhh! Love it here. Some sweet tunes were played on the walk, as I marched down with fellow leather pals Samuel Colt and Tony Aziz. Decided to call it a day, and only stayed at the Eagle afterward for a short while... didn't want to over do my week (kids, there is such a thing). Gonna spend the next few days, organizing my outfits, lubricants, etc. for the Folsom weekend to come.... Mmmmm.... OINK!


  1. Pig on, Coop! Hope you see Michael in SF.

  2. I'm on my way up this Friday. See you out and about then. Can't wait to catch you at the booth. That is one pig-nasty hot spot!