Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Oink Alert! Dirty! Director's cut now online!

Hey, you swines of swill and merriment... the director's cut of my scene with Ty LeBeouf in Dirty! is now available! You definitely don't want to miss this, as this beer/watersports fuckfest has already been toted as GAYVN worthy!! Reviews are pouring in (excuse the pun), and they're fucking sweet! "While they drink beer off each other, they also practically devour each other, moving from deep hard kissing to deep-throated blowjobs. The natural flow of passionate sex leads to Race Cooper topping Ty LeBeouf--deeply but not mechanically nor dispassionately. As you watch the scene, you may find it hard to believe these two aren't a real couple." - Jack Manly. Holy SHIT!!! To check out all that "DIRTY" action go to Falcon's site.... That's fucking sweeter then the beer off Ty's ass!


  1. And the beer is in a brown paper bag, no less! Hog heaven! How would they taste with a nice bottle of Sam Adams? Inquiring minds really want to know. (Answer: "Hotter than the solder on the hinges of Hell!)

  2. PHOAR.... I'd love to be the bottom in that scene..... lucky bottom.... Woof!

  3. That is one HELL of a review! Wow, can't wait to see that