Thursday, September 24, 2009

All these men to fuck you, and nothing to wear??

Don't worry child.... Porn Fashionista is here to rescue you! Brought to you by the fine items at Mr. S. It's only days until Folsom Street Fair, so here's an item you might want to pick up.
It's a dark evening, and you've had most of the cum milked out of you from a night at the Citadel; but in the alley you notice a trio of rugged, muscular men, with hungry looks that bore into your posterior. Not feeling tired, and giving into your 'sexual enthusiast' urges.... you figure, why not? A triple penetration might be fun! But as they grapple and molest your body, they find it impossible to get any leverage on your sweaty and slimy torso, and keep slipping out of you..... Awwwww.... You wouldn't have this problem if you had the 'English Bulldog Harness'. Both stylish enough to not mask your strong pectorals, but sturdy enough for the raunchiest gang bang.... you'll never have to worry about guys not being able to ride your ass, like the bucking Bull you are! Growl... big doggy! GRRRR! Good boy... and you look Fabulous too!