Thursday, September 10, 2009

Crushin' on GPCrush

I have one more shoot in Toronto this evening, but I'm pretty much ready to be back in California. More than that I got a post from my SoCal-girl Tamara, making me feel even more homesick. "On Race..." she gives 6 reasons why she loves me.... How fucking sweet is that?? LOVE YOU TOO, GIRL!!! XOXOX


  1. Love you! Can't wait til Folsom!

  2. Just found the site and I'm already a big fan. As a native of Toronto, I found your comments on the Canada-U.S. relationship right on the money. It's good to see a smart, handsome, way sexy African-Canadian making it big in the porn biz. Your wrestling vid, btw, was totally hot--because of you, not the other guy. Hope your time in T.O. was good and productive; keep up the great work!