Monday, September 14, 2009

Wiped out.... but clean!

I'm a bit tired today from all the work on the Tighty Whitey Car Wash... I think we managed to pull in a couple thousand dollars, which was great..... Would've definitely pulled in more, if it hadn't started to rain at the tail end of it.... but all in all a very good time! Had a blast, and got to meet some great people. The legendary Michael Brandon stopped by with my good friend Andre Shannon.... which was totally cool! I'll definitely get more pics and post them to the Facebook Fan page when they come.... Thanks to everyone who took part. You rock! If you'd like to send any extra donations to AIDS Emergency Fund, or Positive Resource Center.... go to Thank you. :)


  1. It was great washing cars with you Race. Some photos from the wash:

  2. Yes, we had a fabulous, fun time! With the high-energy music, horseplay with water hoses and everybody pitching in, the time just flew. And we raised over $2,000 for the AIDS Emergency Fund!

  3. Hey Race and the rest of the boys,

    I just wanted to send a quickie thanks to y'all, not only for the work you do with BareChest Calendar and AEF, but, providing some amazing booty, body, boy and beautiful man watching through out Saturday afternoon!!

    DJ David Helton rocked the Castro with the perfect blend of music to keep all of the BareChest Calendar Men shaking their Tighey Whitey grrove thangs all day long!!

    Hugs and kisses on all your openings,

    Michael Brandon