Friday, September 4, 2009

Chocolate with a hint of maple syrup

I've made the Can-african jokes for awhile.... but now I have to stop and get ready to make more American jokes, as I start packing for my trip to Toronto tonight. This will be my first time going back to my hometown, since I started doing porn... I'm not sure how my friends will react, but since they are MY friends, they probably won't blink (at least they'll blink less than Sarah Palin). This is my third trip in three weeks, and its getting a bit tiresome.... looking forward to staying in California for awhile after this, and focussing on more upcoming projects with studios and Edger9. Speaking of Edger9, I'll be in Toronto shooting content there, working with some Canadian models, as well as Marc Williams.

Some friends have asked me, how Canada sees America. Canadians don't have a hatred like a lot of other countries do... just a familiar, yet exhausting relationship. America is like Canada's big brother. You love him, but it's a bit tiresome when he fucks things up, and has to sleep on your couch after his divorce. You wonder.... when will he learn and put his wife health care, first? Yeah, too much analysis on my end.... That's being Canadian. We think a lot, but we end up making jokes about everything. :) It'll be nice to be back on the hometown, turf.


  1. I don't think a lot of countries hate America. They might dislike the policies of the government, but that doesn't extend to hating the whole country.
    Maybe I'm wrong, but I think there's a lot of healthy disagreement about the US, but not venomous anger towards them.

  2. I love Canada, and like your Canadian view of the US. From my visits it seems right on the mark.

  3. It pisses me off that one now has to have a passport to step across the bridge for lunch as I used to do when visiting Detroit. Canadians are beautiful people. About Marc Williams: He's so hot!!!! You are going to be sensational together, flip-flopping, I hope. (?) And lots and lots and lots of ass-eating, right? Yum,yum!

  4. I too can't wait to see Race's scene with Marc Williams, they are both excellent performers with superb hot physigues and I'm sure it will be a steaming hot scene, especially with lots of ass eating. But I also very much would like Race to be the Top or Flip-Flop with Marc in the scene.

    But, if its the Canadian studio/Site I think it is, for some unknown reason they do continue to persist in showing Marc as a top only, despite Marc for several years bottoming on his own site as well as for various US Studios, including bottoming for Tiger Tyson in his new TED4 dvd.

    With Race's Career and recognition in the porn industry deservedly going from strenght to strength, it is right that Race should Top Marc or flip-flop with him, for as well as being more exciting for fans I'm sure Race would top Marc in private too.

    It would also be so hot and exciting to see Race top or flip-flop on Edger9 as well as Race being in control and topping Marc on and/or winning in combat and topping Marc on

    Either way I'm eager to see Race's Toronto scene with Marc which hopefully will be the first of several hot Race & Marc videos.

  5. Sorry for typo above, as had meant to say it would be so hot to also see you Top or Flip-Flopping with Marc Williams on