Wednesday, May 27, 2009

IML/Grabbys Weekend Part 2

The morning after a very long and hedonistic evening is a tough one.  But for some reason I was able to wake up, go to the gym, and arrive to work ready for action!  More friends were in town for that Saturday, and stopped by to say hello at the Steamworks booth, so the time flew by, and I was only partially exhausted.  But let me cut to the chase of what made my day... getting to go to the Grabbys!  I knew I wanted to see what it was like.... curious I guess.  However, didn't know how about to get tickets, or who to go with.  One of the things you have to figure out for yourself as a non-exclusive, while trying to build your own website.  Sister Roma stopped by the booth that day, and told me that she'd check with people and get me in.  As usual, Roma Rocks!  

There was only one other thing to do.... figure out what to wear! I wasn't nominated in anything, so there was going to be no reason for me to go on stage.  However, I did want to be photo friendly!  It's called FREE marketing! I didn't have much time to get it together, but luckily the leather market in the hotel provided all. Went to the Slick It Up Booth, for a new pair of pants, add a white leather lapel collar from Off Ramp, a leather tie from Northbound Leather, and white suspenders from Recon.  Utilized my leather cap and boots, and leather
 driver it is!  

The Park West Theater was packed when I arrived, and the awards were already in progress.  It took me some time to scan the audience to figure out a place to sit.  Luckily Roma is highly recognizable, and I sat with her, Steven Scarborough, Brent Smith, and Kyle King at the designated Hot House booth.  Felt very lucky to sit with them, and enjoy the rest of the awards as Kyle and Ethan Wolfe presented, and Hot House won awards for best comedy, Steven's Lifetime Achievement, and Kyle as best newcomer.  It was interesting to say the least, gave me hope to be nominated in something next year!

After the awards, I hailed a cab in my slutty outfit, and was joined by Steve Cruz, Bruno Bond, Steven Scarborough and Brent Smith to share it going back to the hotel.  Was planning on going to the after party, but wasn't sure how much energy I would have after dancing at the Onyx party.  Got to tear up the dance floor for awhile, and my slutty driver's outfit made an impression on everyone there.  Afterward I was toast.... a full day, a lot of cool memories, and I went to bed exhausted.  There would still be more to do, at the Steamworks booth the next day, and the finals of International Mr. Leather. Time to get some much needed piggy rest! 


  1. That slutty chauffeur outfit is just fucking hot. I'm mad I didn't get a photo of you tho' I coulda sworn I took one. :-|

    xoxo baby.

  2. YES, I agree. That outfit is fukking HAWT!!!!!!COme visit us here in LA!!!

  3. Thanks guys! I should visit LA sometime soon.... I think I'm due. Summer's in SF are kinda cold anyway.... I'll keep ya posted. :)