Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What's black and blue, and sore all over? MY BALLS!!!

Yesterday was my shoot with Bound Gods for Kink.com.  For the most part a very cool experience.  I've never seen a studio with that kind of set-up.... mainstream or otherwise... Holy shit!  I mean it felt different right off the bat, sitting down in the talent department to fill out paperwork, and having girls, guys and trannies walking through constantly.  One of the other female models showed me to where the green room was, where I got to meet up with my scene partner Tober Brandt.  Now, Tober definitely looks mean when you see him at first, but he's a soft spoken person and we connected right away.  Neither one of us really wanted to use the green room computer, or read the magazine with the mistress of Scientology, Katie Holmes, on it. So, instead we cuddled on the sofa and kissed for a long time. 

 When we got to the set, I tried to hide my amazement.  It was a basement like none other... vast and long with a river that ran through it.  We only used a corner of it to rope-tie me suspended in place, but I couldn't believe how big the area was.  Throughout the first two scenes I was, whipped, cropped, flogged, had my balls and nips clamped and tied to a post, stripped naked,  hosed down with water, rope tied to another wall, blindfolded, had my balls tazered, and electric wanded into oblivion.  It felt soooooo goood! More than that Tober kept me constantly hard by kissing me and caressing me.  Then he started complaining about feeling sick from something he ate earlier.  

We took a break, and I went upstairs to shower before he would fuck me... I was so ready for him to FUCK ME!  An assistant came in during my shower and told me they had to send Tober home.... In my mind I was saying "NOOOOOOOO! WHO'S GONNA FUCK ME NOW???!"  Instead, I just said, "okay"..... and asked when the scene was going to be rescheduled.  Walked home with the worst blue balls I've ever had.  C'est la vie. 


  1. What's that sound you hear? Oh, that was just Ray spontaneously combusting. The combination of that photo and the details of the shoot were too much for me to bear. Very sexy stuff, Race!

  2. Awwww.... Sorry you were left with blue balls. If I was there I would have taken over where Tober left off and sent you home smiling! :-)
    I'm looking forward to my next shoot with BoundGods on Monday. You never know what's in store for you when you arrive.
    See ya in a couple of days!

  3. So glad you had a shoot for BG!Can`t wait to see the result:-)

  4. Great Nick, I just had a porntasm imagining how THAT scene woulda gone. God that's erotic..