Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bound Gods... the exciting conclusion!

Arrived yesterday morning at's building ready to finish my scene with Tober Brandt.  I hadn't seen Tober since we started the scene two weeks prior, and it was probably for the best.  Had I done that, probably would've had to have sex with him immediately.... This way, we got to continue our attraction and save it for the camera.  Oh, what we porn stars do for porn! (Sigh)

I sat in the empty green room, quietly listening to the female chatter from make-up, and simultaneously searching through the DirectTV to see if there was anything amusing on.  I stopped at the Sci Fi Channel out of reflex, but then thought of changing should Tober walk in and think me a complete geek for watching a show on animatronic dinosaurs. I flipped some more.  CNN. Nope. HGTV. Hmm.... nope. The visual of the familiar 1960's living room, with the mother that looked like a drag queen, and the gay uncle arguing with the 'Bewitched' star, popped on. Hmmm... not bad.  I started contemplating as I watched the subtext of the episode, and imagined what would happen if they actually had Samanta's mother played by a drag queen,  and Paul Lynde had been an out homosexual.  Probably, pure comic genius! 

Tober walked in and stopped just inside the door frame.  He smiled at me with his sunglasses on, and a cup of coffee and breakfast sandwich in hand.  I smiled back, "There's the sexy man!"  I stood up, and greeted my dominator with a very long kiss, and then made small talk as he finished his breakfast, and we both watched 'Endora' bring out what would be classified as a Diva, in present day television.  It didn't take long before we were making out on the sofa again, and stripping off each other's shirts.  I could hear other people in the room, but didn't really take my eyes off of Mr. Brandt..... God, he's a good kisser!  Made the hour of waiting to be on set fly by....  we hardly noticed the time.  

When we got to set Van Darkholm greeted us, and apologized for the wait.  They had to figure out where they last left off... apparently a whole bunch of productions had happened during the time of our previous part 1 videography, and today.  I got naked in the hallway, and Tober began putting on boots and a leather hat for the scene.  His haircut had changed since we last shot.  Van explained to me what we would do for the scene.... We'd start with me getting flogged for awhile, until I screamed for mercy, and then shackle my legs and arms to the hooks above, so that Tober could fuck me as my own human sling.  Then after that we'd change to another position to of me bent over, for Tober to fuck me more.  I was ready.... man, I don't think I've ever been so ready to be brutally fucked before. 

Tober and I began kissing as the crew got the equipment ready for our scene.  He whispered in my ear, "I can't wait to be inside you." And my dick became instantly hard.   The position of the human sling was difficult, but I didn't really mind it.... because the fucking was sweet, especially the rougher Tober got.... he stroked me as he sent shockwaves up my spine, and it wasn't long before I came.... HUGE!  We changed to the secondary position with my body bent over a cement wall window frame, ass to Tober, and my arms chained behind me and drawn upward.  Tober inserted the hook in my ass, and played with my whole a bit more, before he fucked me hard again.  Then he came around to the other side of the wall, and shoved his cock down my throat, fucked it, and came on my face.  I got finished off with a nice hosing down, to clean up my piggy mess.  I was completely spent, and a little dizzy at the end of it.... but I couldn't stop smiling.  Yeah, I must be a pig. Oink.