Sunday, May 10, 2009

Wrapping up a busy weekend...

When you work in porn, weekends just aren't the same.  Not only are you working usually at a day (normal) job, but then your weekend is packed shooting stills and video for the porn shoot.  The fringe benefits are nice, but boy is it draining.  This weekend was one of those.   With trying to build more content for, I had to schedule back to back shoots for Friday and Saturday.  Usually I'd never do that, because not only do I want to feel well rested, but it helps to give the balls a rest and build up more cum in the scrotum.  If you've seen my cum shots, you know what I mean.  :))  

On Friday we shot a scene in Santa Cruz, where I fucked newcomer Devin Kihlers.  Very talented with a sweet fucking ass!  First fuck scene on the hood of a car too!  Then after that shoot, did some modeling for a photographer friend of mine, at a rural demolished building.... really cool stuff.  Raced home afterward to get showered, eat and changed before I went to meet Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond for Star Trek in IMAX.  OMG!  Soooooo fucking worth it! Then crashed.  

Woke up the next day to organize for my next shoot with Nick Moretti.  We shot him fucking me at an abandoned building in Alameda (Yes, we got busted by security at the end of him fucking me).  Drove back to the city, to fill up on gas and grab a snack and then went over the Golden Gate Bridge to film the opening of the scene in the Marin headlands.  Drove to the Golden Gate Bridge and took a few snapshots (Nick hadn't seen the bridge in a long time, picture below) and then drove across the city to help Nick acquire his cell phone he had lost that day.  At the end of it, I was beat.... could hardly even stay awake to watch my DVR record of Real Time with Bill Mahr!  

 Slept like a rock last night, and needed it.... because today my husband I drove out to see my mother-in law in Santa Rosa for Mother's Day.  Took her to brunch with the family, and then barbequed at the ranch in the afternoon.  I'm surprised after driving so much this weekend, I'm not comatose.   Nevertheless, I'm sure I'll go to bed tonight with a smile.... we have some really, REALLY hot scenes coming up for, and some sizzling pictures too (as seen here)!  Be sure to check back, as new videos come up every two weeks! Bye for now.... time for bed. 


  1. oh god, I already forgot the path how I ended up on this site, but after I eagerly read (and looked) through couple posts, I quickly subscribed to be sure to get the updates. Good and fun material to read :)

  2. I love picking up hitch hikers!