Saturday, May 16, 2009

More Photos... Mark Grantham style!

I just received some more photos from Mark Grantham.  He was the friend that I shot with last weekend during the blur of events shooting scenes for Edger 9, and going to Star Trek.  I still get tingles when I think of Star Trek.  I may just have to see that movie again!  Anyways, the pictures from our shoot was at a rural abandoned building... that we found off of Highway 1 along the coast.... check 'em out, tell me what you think!  


  1. Such a delicious body and really enjoyable photos!!! So sincere compliments to guys on both sides of the camera.

    The two smaller photos don't open on click on my browser, but knowing a bit about the blogger photo addresses I managed to see the full size pics :)

  2. The photos are absolutely delicious!!
    But you promised me more of your yummy ass(hole),Race:)hehe