Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bringing Trekkie Sexy Back

I've got my tickets for the IMAX of Star Trek this Friday! Wooohooo! Could've tried to do the midnight show on Thursday night.... but really didn't want to stay up that late for it. I love my Star Trek, but I also love my sleep. Went and picked up a new Star Trek t-shirt for the occasion (as pictured here), just so I could feel even nerdier. I'm taking down the nerd a bit by going with my buds Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond, so we will probably have a blast! There aren't many movies worth the IMAX, and I'm not one to give into hype on summer blockbusters.... but c'mon!!! You know this one is worth it! YOU KNOW!!!! Go get your fucking ticket, and bring Trekkie Sexy back! :) Click here.