Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Take that, Bristol Palin!!!

I love free shit! Really. I LOOOOOOVVVVEEEE IT! I swear I think I got into television for the free swag I would get sometimes through work. It's a nice benefit when dealing with egomaniac stars, crazy stalker fans, or producers that try to screw you over. Didn't think there would be much free shit when it came to porn though.... don't know why I did. Just never thought it would be there. Surprise, surprise!!! I'm getting free shit!!! YEAH! I got some jock straps last week from a fan, and my buddy Andy in Seattle sent me some t-shirts (he knows I have a serious t-shirt collection) from his online store. He got me a few choice selections, particularly one that made me bust a gut! Fucking A! It reads, "If Jesus Loves Me.... He'll Wear A Condom". I think I need to wear this one (pictured above) to church sometime. :)

Have to run around a bit today. Have a photo shoot for promo stuff for Edger9, and have a few meetings too. Also, have to get geared up for another Edger9 scene tomorrow. Other than that, it's a sunny day outside... Remember to smile.

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