Monday, May 11, 2009

Extensive Race Cooper interview.... by Papi Chulo!

Hey Guys, there's more of me to see on the blogosphere!   I did an interview a short while ago with Papi Chulo... and it's an extensive one.  I get to answer questions about my sex life, porn work, childhood, what led me to porn, and my wonderful husband!   To check it out, click here.  

Here's an excerpt from the interview....

PC: What do you enjoy doing sexually?

RC: Definitely pushing my limits, I'm curious to explore a great deal. Guess that's why my fetish list is so long. I know I'm aggressive both when I'm topping and bottoming, and I definitely can feed off of someone else's Race Cooper (14)energy. When you meet someone with the right chemistry, the sky's the limit. Let's just say, there isn't much I don't enjoy.

PC: Describe one of your hottest sexual encounters.

RC: One of my hottest sexual encounters happened not too long ago. I have a bondage play buddy, who was dating a guy, and we had an explosive threesome with me tied up and both of them taking turns on me. Fuck, I'm getting a woody right now! I was blindfolded the whole time, and was moved from being tied to a chair to hanging with my arms above my head to a door frame. They both Race Cooper - Skuff 4 (8)performed torture on me, fellatio and fucked me, and had pushed their asses on my throbbing cock... Man did I cum good after that!

PC: You have a pretty large piece ... Just how big is he?

RC: He's 9 inches... Why do I feel like I'm talking about my child? I've tried my best to raise the boy, but he has a mind of his own!

Also, didn't get a chance to thank Fairview Sue for posting a blog of me on Thursday, due to my hectic weekend.  Sue you rock!  Have my baby!  :) To check out Sue's blog, click here.